AirSole is an innovative textile high-tech insole that is completely washable and contributes to a better wellbeing for your feet on a day to day basis.

Special AirPads, formed by a unique stitching method provide your feet with a pressure releasing and air circulating feeling. Creating this beneficial massaging effect on the sole of your foot can benefit your overall sense of well-being.

Wearing AirSole promotes muscle activity and encourages blood flow. AirSole has a positive impact on the body's sensors, balance and coordination when walking and standing and can therefore ease physical strain. Our insoles are especially suitable for people increasingly dealing with physical stress due to walking and standing at work or through doing sports.

In addition to the fact that AirSole keeps you warm in the winter, it also ensures to absorb moisture. Enabling you to easily wear your "barefoot shoe" on warm summer days. Thanks to the textile 3D AirPads that do not only provide an optimal airing of the feet but also contribute to a healthy microclimate inside the shoe. It simply helps to provide your feet with dry shoes at a comfortable temperature.


AirSole Fresh

AirSole Fresh absorbs moisture to keep your feet dry and improves the microclimate inside your shoes. Perfect for anyone wanting to rock the „no-sock look“ who prefers being barefoot in their shoes.

AirSole IR

AirSole IR contains all the benefits of AirSole Fresh and is equipped with additional infrared reflecting threads incorporated throughout the surface of the insole.

Spacer Fabric Technology

Using high quality spacer fabrics and AirPads is the perfect combination for realizing a cushioning and massaging effect that is incredibly important for more comfort in your shoes.

Easy Care

Simply machine wash your pair at 40°C and they will stay fresh and clean over a long period of time.